Sandcoat, Inc. is the leading Resin Coated Sand manufacturer in Egypt and the Middle East since 1990. We use the best raw sand in the world from the Egyptian Sahara and apply the latest innovated technology to produce the best Resin Coated Sand for all metal casting applications. We are committed to support our clients by recommending and delivering the right product that meets their need. Moreover, we produce custom products for any specialty application.


sandcoat for industry our industry establishment since 1990 we are specialized and have big experience in Resin coated sand and furan resin since 22 years ago.

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In 1989, Mr. Alla Issa and his brother Mr. Emad Issa had a dream to start Resin Coated Sand manufacturing plant in Cairo Egypt. The brothers believed in themselves to build and produce quality Resign Coated Sand for various applications. Even, the brothers Technical and Innovation mindset was the basisto start the company but they knew that the key success of the company is Partnership with the Vendors, Clients and Investors. The brothers were able to convince other family members and friends to provide financial support and teamed up with the local vendors to start the company. 
All partners worked very hard with limited resources but were able to build small operating plant in 1990 in Cairo suburb of Meet Halfa. The next goal was to produce goodQuality products exceeding the local market quality.  Few years later, the company grew and took over the Egyptian market and provided the best Service and support to the client partners and started marketing the products to the neighbor countries.
In 2010, as SandcoatInc, became the most famous and best in Resin Coated Sand in the region, the founders decided to build a new plant in Second Industrial area in October Sixth City. The construction was completed in 2014 and the first phase of production opened in 2015 to produce up to three thousand tons per month of Resin Coated Sand. Second Phase is expected to start soon to increase the production capacity to Six Thousand Tons per month.
“We are proud of what our company has accomplishedto date, but we are far from finished. We believe that our core values ofInnovation, Partnership, Quality, Service and Prosperity that built this company will guide us successfully to grow, improve and continue helping and supporting our partners and attract new partners in the future.
PreseidentSandcoat :
” – Alla Issa, PreseidentSandcoat Inc,


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-Factory: 6 octobar six district No 29/4
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